Friday, October 31, 2008

Harvest Festival, October 31

Each year our church puts on a Harvest Festival with booths, free food, and LOTS of candy. This year I took 2 pirates and a cute little bunny with me to the Harvest Festival....

Daddy and Payton admiring the fire truck.

Captain Jack Sparrow

Payton didn't care about the games...he just wanted the candy.

Anxiously awaiting.......

Pastor Si with the boys

Friday, October 24, 2008

The Sellers' Pumpkin Patch :)

Camden (7 1/2) Payton (2) Maylee Grace (11 weeks)

The Hunt for Pumpkins!

All Smiles.....

Count your blessings....1...2...3

Papaw Sellers sent a Bears outfit and hat for Payton. A certain Packers fan in the house wasn't very happy. :)

Our first baby is growing up....too fast.

Monday, October 20, 2008

Updates on the kiddos

Camden made 2 touch downs in his Flag Football game on Saturday. He also pulled out yet another tooth this week.

Payton had his 2 year check up and the doc reported....he has a huge head :) ....nice, huh!

Maylee Grace is now weighing in at 8 lbs 13 oz. She's just a tiny thing, but she's doing great and right on track.

Friday, October 10, 2008

Balloon Fiesta!!! Oct. 10, 2008

Camden's school has a "Mini Balloon Fiesta" at the park across from his school each year. It is a neat way to see the balloons up close, but avoid the crowds at the Abq International Balloon Fiesta. Daddy slept in with Maylee Grace and I took the boys at the crack of dawn (literally) to see the balloons. Payton was terrified of the fire. What a beautiful morning!

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Payton turns 2!!! October 9, 2008

It seems like yesterday that we were in the hospital waiting for Payton to arrive. I remember the days of walking through baby sections wondering if we'd ever have another child. Now look what God has done in our family! We are so blessed. We had a party surrounded by friends and family who love us and Payton. He hammed it up and absolutely loved all the attention. The newest addition to his wardrobe are his Lightning McQueen Crocs. He seems to feel the need to sleep in them. He also got a Little Einsteins Rocket with all the characters. When we come back home from being out, he says, "Rocket, we're home!" (For those of you without kids, Rocket and the Little Einsteins are the "happening thing" among preschoolers and avid Disney Channel watchers.) It is so fun to see Payton feel like he has some of his own toys and not Bubba's toys. He's had a blast.

Other recent pics

Matt got to visit Lambeau Field home of the Green Bay Packers for their Sunday night game against the Dallas Cowboys.

Christy had the privilege of hosting and singing with Christian music artist, Jaime Jamgochian.

Payton was sharing his monster truck with Maylee can tell she's thrilled.

We had a Batman sighting in our backyard...didn't know he carried a nerf gun, hmmm?

Day at the Park

We decided Maylee Grace needed to visit the park for the first time. We took a picnic and some toys and headed to the park. She slept through the whole thing.

Flag Football - Game 1 (10.4.08)

Camden's first flag football game was a success. He scored the first touchdown and his team won.