Tuesday, December 10, 2013

A New House!

We had a special delivery on Sunday afternoon....a new house!!  I know, it's not what you were thinking, but isn't it neat?!?  We've decided to keep in tact until Christmas day; however, it wouldn't surprise me if some pieces were missing before then....the chimney (KitKat) will probably be first to go.   We've been so blessed by people in our lives.  God has been so good to always bring the right people into our paths at the right time to encourage us.
Phil and Yvonne and the kids

Piano Recital

Payton and Maylee Grace had their first piano recital.  They both did well!  We love Miss Louise their piano teacher so very much!  (Excuse the background of the pictures, the church is decorated for their Christmas play.)

Swim meet

We have another swim meet under our.....uh....wait they're not wearing belts.  The boys did GREAT at this swim meet. They have both improved immensely.  Payton being the youngest boy swimmer still came away with several 2nd place finishes in his races.  Camden got first place in the 100 meter freestyle even after stopping twice to adjust his goggles that fell off when he went into the water at the beginning of the race!  I am so proud of these two.  It's so fun to watch them excel and love what they're doing.


Someone pointed out to me this Sunday at church that Payton looked a lot like Matt (as in more than usual).  We had some fun with it and Payton tried his hand at preaching. 

A day in the life....

Maylee Grace:  5 going on 15!  Yikes.

Payton listening (and helping) Maylee Grace do her reading

My bookworm

Blessed Beyond Measure

We have so much to be thankful for!  We are happy, healthy and adding to our family (yay...not via MY body...thankful for that!)
Maylee Grace and Cayson

Payton, Camden and Cayson
Papa and Mimi and the crew
the most awesome parents ever

Molly and Maylee Grace  

Funny story behind this picture...the boys had all gone outside to play.  Finally, the girls had the play room all to themselves and they could "play with the cars they way they wanted to."