Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Taylor Mason

This year at the statewide Evangelism Conference, they put on a kid's night. It was designed especially for grade school kids. Camden brought his buddy Bryson. The kids hip-hop group PureNRG performed. Taylor Mason who is a well-known comedian was also part of the entertainment. Taylor Mason is one of Camden's favorite comedians. Thanks to Matt, I'm pretty sure "clown" genes run in the family. :) Camden was thrilled when we got to meet up and talk with Taylor. He even let Bryson and Camden check out his puppets.
What a blessing that there are good people out there that truly want to be good role models for our children! I'm always excited when Camden gets to here about God's love from other adults.

L to R: Poco the pig, Camden, Romeo, Taylor Mason, Bryson

My Princess

When I found out that I was having a girl, I think my heart skipped a beat. I couldn't believe that God had given me 3 children AND I would get to raise boys and a GIRL!! What a blessing! There isn't a day that goes by that I think about how special I feel that I got a princess after my sweet boys. She is such a joy in our lives. Her sweet spirit and smile could make the worst day better. I just pray that she will learn to love God with all of her heart and that she will honor Him with her life.
I love you Maylee Grace.

These are her earrings she got from Aunt Carrie for Christmas. Lovely, huh?

She's such a girlie girl. She loves to wear glasses, necklaces and everyone else's shoes.

Aunt Carrie got Maylee Grace this tutu for Christmas. It's a little overwhelming to her right now. :) Daddy was trying to get her to put it on, so he was putting it on his head to show her that it wasn't scary.
Well, she put it on....

Today I'm thankful that MG's little brother is so verbal. He yelled at me to let me know that Maylee Grace was on the train table. She climbed up there all by herself. Neither of the boys climbed up on things like she does. She climbs on everything! This smile makes it especially difficult to be works even better on Daddy. :)

Disney Live on Stage!

We were blessed to receive free tickets to Disney Live on Stage. One of our favorite babysitters, Micah, went with Payton, Maylee Grace and me to the show. (Daddy and Camden has some "big guy" time watching football). The kids were beside themselves. Payton just sat quietly and took everything in. Maylee Grace was waving and yelling "He-wo" as each new character would come out. It was such a fun afternoon!

My personal favorite...Cinderella...Maylee Grace kept saying "princess"

Too much excitement...the princess had to sleep :)

Matt's birthday!

There was definitely no shortage of cake for Matt's birthday this year. We celebrated at home with a GI Joe cake on Monday night.

A very talented friend, Beth, in our church made this amazing cake to celebrate at church on Sunday. It has our new church logo on it! "P" for Paragon Church

Train Ride

For Matt's birthday, we decided to ride the Rail Runner Train downtown for lunch. The kids were so excited. The train ride was great!

Waiting for the train. It was soooo cold!

Daddy and Maylee Grace

Mmmmm...lunch at Tucano's.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

"Hey, Good-lookin'...Whatcha got cookin'?"

Maylee Grace got a new kitchen for Christmas from Papaw and Memaw. She loves it....and so does her brother. They've been cooking all sorts of things up! Just tonight, I got a "hot dog with sprinkles"....Mmmmm. Of course with their new found culinary talents, Memaw thought that they needed to look the part. So, now Payton has his very own chef's hat and Maylee Grace has her very own pink apron.

Even Julia Child wore pearls while she was cooking!

Maylee Grace and her friend, Cagan

Somebody LOVES her puppy. Maylee Grace loves to love on Cagan....and believe it or not, I think Cagan likes the sweet attention. They are so cute together. When the boys come near Cagan, she usually bolts. When the Princess comes over, she sits still and enjoys the love.

Saturday, January 2, 2010

The Wedding

What a privilege to be able to share in this wedding of dear family friends. We've known Tori and her family for 8 years now and love them dearly. Matt and Payton were both blessed to be a part of the ceremony.

Payton's beloved Annie (Tori's sister). Payton truly believes that this is the same Annie from the Disney channel's Little Einsteins.

Two of my handsome men

Don't let these adorable faces fool you....

Tori and Jesse and flower girl Maggie

He was a champ! Mommy had reminded him to show the ring to everyone, because he kept holding the pillow up close to he did....stopping every few rows to make sure the people on the ends got a good look at the ring on the pillow. It was cute! He did great and got a Hot Wheel out of the deal too!

Our Trip to Kansas City

The day after Christmas, we loaded up to head to Kansas City for a wedding of one of our former youth. On the way, we picked up some of our close friends and they came along with us to the wedding.
Camden chose to stay with Mimi and Papa and they had a great time too. The visited the train depot that is in Amarillo and got to see several trains.

Juli and Christy

Payton tuckered out in the car.

We stopped at a mall in KC and Daddy and Maylee Grace rode the horses. She was so excited. Everytime they came around, she yelled, "Hi MOM!" It was so cute.

Christmas with Mimi and Papa

Christmas Eve and Christmas Day we were at Mimi and Papa's house in Amarillo. The kids had fun with all of their new toys. We ate lots of good food too!! Uncle Steve, Aunt Carrie and baby Easton were with us too!

Poor Maylee Grace was sick on Christmas Day. Her tummy wasn't feeling too well. She loves her Papa and was happy to be in his arms.

Christmas Morning

Christmas morning was so fun with the kids this year. It is so sweet to see them so excited!

Camden got an Ipod dock, an orange Lamborghini and his very own cologne.
Payton got a Leapster (which he calls his PSP, because that's what Camden has), a Batmobile, and 2 Corvettes.

Maylee Grace got some play food and a Leapfrog dog and a pink microwave.

Christmas Eve

Our Christmas Eve was actually a couple of nights early. We were traveling to Amarillo and then onto Kansas City after Christmas, so we decided to have our Christmas before we left. As every year, we read the story of the real St. Nicholas. It has been such a joy as Camden and now Payton really understand why we give gifts. Best of all, they know that the best gift ever given was Jesus.