Monday, October 29, 2012

Operation Christmas Child

John 15:12
My command is this:  Love each other as I have loved you.

There is a wonderful organization that puts on a program called Operation Christmas Child.  They provide needy children with a box full of goodies for Christmas.  We have participated in this for years.  It is getting to be so much more fun as the kids are getting older and can understand completely what we're doing.  They each did a box for a child their same age.  We packed them with shirts, toys, crayons, soap, toothbrushes, etc.  What a special way to give back!

Fire Station Open House

Each year the Rio Rancho Fire Station does an Open House on the weekend before Halloween.  The kids dress up in costumes and can tour the fire house.  They had several trucks and a helicopter displayed.  It was a lot of fun.  The kids got to spray a fire hose and climb the ladder on a ladder truck!  I can't believe they were all brave enough to do it!  It was fun day!

That's my tiny princess decked out in her Belle costume. She insisted that she was going to climb that ladder.  Mommy was more nervous than her!  The firefighters had to stop and measure her, because they assumed she was too small.  She made the cut and off she went!!!

Princess Pumpkin Carving and Tea Party

We were invited to partake in a fun tea party at some friends house.  Maylee Grace loved dressing up and Payton loved painting the pumpkins.

Madalyn, Avery and Maylee Grace

Daddy was proud...Payton painted a Green Bay Packers Pumpkin

Family Day

One of the many blessings of homeschooling is being all together on Daddy's day off.  The weather has been beautiful the last few weeks.  We decided to take a trip to the zoo. Great day!  My kids have a wonderful Daddy who loves to be with them!

The Latest Trends....

Sleeping Beauty decided she needed to spend a couple of nights in her castle.

After Memaw Sellers sent us some of her father's cowboy hats, Camden decided that it was suddenly his calling to be a cowboy.  He was been rockin' the hat and boots for several days.
Yep...I'm pretty sure this will be black mail someday.  Calling all cowgirls!

I even caught him doing his school work in his hat.

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Payton's Birthday Extravaganza

Payton asked to have a fall costume party with his friends for his birthday party this year.  This was such a fun idea!  We picked a date knowing that it was a beautiful time of the year to be outside in Rio Rancho and we could have a fun backyard party.'s beautiful as long as it isn't raining and the wind isn't blowing 35mph.  We decided to turn the garage into a party room and had a blast!

Three of several Avengers that were present:  Black Widow (Mallory), Hawkeye (Payton) and Iron Man (Ben P.)

We had Avengers and Princesses galore at the party.
Pin the nose on the pumpkin
Eating donuts hanging on a string without hands
Decorating cupcakes

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Payton is 6!!!

 We had a great day celebrating Payton.  We went to the balloon fiesta (his choice) and Zio's for dinner (also his choice).  The highlight of the day was getting to see the Darth Vader balloon and all the crew.

James 1:17 "Every good and perfect gift comes from above...."
I consider you, Payton, my special gift.  God knew exactly what I needed for my everyday.  You make me smile every chance you get.  What a precious, sensitive heart you have.  Your countenance displays the sweet spirit God has granted you.  I am blessed to be your Mommy.  I am so glad God gave me you.

Balloon Fiesta

We went out to the Balloon Fiesta on Payton's birthday this year.  It was a perfect day for the balloons.  The boys loved seeing the Darth Vader balloon up close.  All of the crew had on Star Wars costumes.  Great day!
Steve Stucker, our favorite weather guy

The birthday boy and Daddy

Monday, October 8, 2012

Air and Space Museum and Restoration Center

Before departing on our flight back to NM, we spent a couple of hours at the Smithsonian Air and Space Museum.  They house and restore planes and space crafts for the Smithsonian museum.  It was breath-taking.  There were so many airplanes throughout a huge airplane hanger.  My favorite was seeing the Space Shuttle Discovery!
Space Shuttle Discovery
SR-71 Blackbird  Payton's favorite at the museum
Fun day!

Harpers Ferry and South Mountain Inn

We saw so many beautiful and historic areas back east throughout West Virginia, Maryland and Virginia.  We had a lovely brunch at South Mountain in that was a place many people stayed during the Civil War.  We also visited all the Civil War museums throughout Harpers Ferry, WV.  It was beautiful.  The pictures don't do it justice.