Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Rob and Nicole's Wedding

We traveled this past weekend to Phoenix to be apart of Rob and Nicole's wedding.  We've known Rob and his family since he was a 6th grader.  His family is very special to us and it was a joy to be apart of his special day.  Matt performed the wedding ceremony, Camden was an usher, Payton was the ring bearer and Maylee Grace was the prettiest flower girl I've ever seen. It was a fun weekend!
Our kids are old enough now that more often than not, they request a funny face picture.

The whole bridal party wore Converse.
The boys and Rob-Before the ceremony Rob realized he had brought the wrong tie and had to wear Camden's for the ceremony. 
She had no reservations about being in front of the camera.  In fact, during the ceremony, she spotted the photographer taking pictures on the side and she turned, posed for the picture and then returned her gaze to where the bride and groom were. It was funny!
Camden ushering in Rob's grandparents.
Yep...I know, adorable!
Daddy and his Cinderella
Daddy dancing with his Cinderella
The girls with Kyla (also known as K-love at our house) She is Rob's sister and one of our favorite babysitters...until she left us to live in Phoenix.
Payton dancing with the bride
May dancing with the groom

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Big Day at the Sellers' House!

Payton for several weeks now has been working on his wiggly tooth.  I am happy to report that is it gone!!!

Tuesday, January 1, 2013


We had a lots of fun celebrating New Year's Eve as a family....complete with glow sticks, party blowers, chocolate milk toast and a count down.  The littles assumed they were staying up until midnight when we started the count down to..... 9:00pm. 

Happy New Year!  May God lavish His richest blessings on you this year!
The clock was counting down...chocolate milk toast ready for midnight (or 9pm wink, wink)
We picked up a 500 piece puzzle to work on during the night.  It was quite fun and we're considering making that a family tradition and framing the puzzles from each year!
Party Animals!