Saturday, February 25, 2012

Rock and Worship Roadshow

Matt and I took Camden to the Rock and Worship Roadshow. Anyone who spends any time at all with Camden will realize his love for Christian music quickly. He is rarely found without his Ipod in hand listening to music. Matt's best friend/best man came into Albuquerque to also come to the concert. His sister is married to one of the guys in Tenth Avenue North. We got to go backstage and meet several band members and watch the majority of the show from the side of the stage! It was a night Camden will not soon forget!
Lead Singer of Tenth Avenue North
One of Camden's favorites: LaCrae!! He was so nice to Camden. He talked with him for a minute and asked where he would be during the show. We told him we were watching from the side of the stage. During his performace, he came to the corner of the stage, looked and pointed at Camden and threw him a drumstick! We got it signed by him later. Camden was so pumped!
Camden and Shelby watching Hawk Nelson
Tenth Avenue North guys on their tour bus!

My Stitched up Super Girl

Maylee Grace got her very own set of stitches. My crazy little lady bumped her chin on the footboard of the boy's bed. She was a trooper. She watched Lady and the Tramp while the doctor stitched her up. The only thing she was truly upset by was the giant bandage they put on her chin to cover the cut. As soon as we got home, the giant, ugly bandage was replaced by princess bandaids. She also earned a yummy strawberry julius for being brave at the doctor.

A Day in the Life

How blessed I am that I get to stay home with my kids! Today we built a fort and for a special treat, we went to McDonald's for lunch!

Payton explained to me that we "needed" to go to McD's because they were giving out Star Wars toys in the Happy Meals.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Annual Daddy/Daughter and Mother/Son Dates

For years now, we've taken all of our special Valentines on individual dates in the month of February. They get to pick whatever they want to do. Matt takes Maylee Grace and I take the boys. It is such a special time and it's so fun to see how excited each of the kids get as their date day approaches.
Maylee Grace picked a date to the library and Krispy Kreme. Daddy surprised her with mini roses which she proudly has displayed in her room currently. He also took her to buy her a new dress. She picked a very pink and princessy dress and could not wait to show off her treasures from the day. She must have smiled all day long!
Payton knew exactly where he wanted to go. He picked a date to Build a Bear. He also wanted to eat lunch at Lone Star Steakhouse, because he "loves their bread." He had a blast and even talked the waitress into giving him two loaves of bread to bring home.

Camden picked Cold Stone and a movie. So, we went to watch 'Journey 2 Mysterious Island' and got a yummy treat at Cold Stone. He really enjoyed the movie! We had a great time.

She's watching you Daddy

I've been thinking a lot about how special Maylee Grace is. God has truly blessed her with a sweet, kind spirit. She's always talking, singing and dancing around. She brings so much joy into our home. I love the relationship she has with Matt. She loves her Daddy in such a special way. It's so different than the way she interacts with me. She loves to get Daddy's approval of her outfit or the way she is caring for her baby doll or any major coloring project she's working on. I am so thankful that when the time comes for her to look for the man God has designed for her that her standard for a husband will be set by her fabulous Daddy. She will look for someone just like him....and that is a great thing.

Tutus and Tennis

Payton and Maylee Grace have been doing two new classes through the City of Rio Rancho. Payton is taking tennis lessons and Maylee Grace is taking a Tiny Toes class that is an intro to ballet and tap. They are both having an absolute blast.

Maylee Grace and her friend Avery