Sunday, July 28, 2013

Exciting changes with Sellers Family Five!

We will soon be the Sellers Family Five plus 1!!!!!  Follow our adoption journey here:

Saturday, July 13, 2013

Jemez Hike and Picnic

We frequent the Jemez Mountains to go hiking and to have picnics.  We first visited when Camden was less than 2 years old.  We took a picnic lunch and played by the waterfall. 

On the way back....

On the way back from Aunt Carrie's we decided to stop by the Billy the Kid Museum.  As of late, the kids are infatuated with the Lone Ranger and I thought this might be something they would love.  Well, they did.  We've driven by this museum several times over the last few years, but never had time to stop.  We were in no hurry, so we stopped.

On the way......

On the way to visit Aunt Carrie, we drove through Muleshoe, TX.  This is where my Dad grew up.  We stopped at the cemetery on the way into town, so that I could visit my grandmother's ("Ma") grave.  I also wanted to show Payton how many people in our family also had his name "Clay" father, grandfather and great grandfather.
My grandparents:  Spencer Clay Beavers and Phyllis Beavers

 Then, we went into town and visited the Heritage Center that had several buildings that were important to the community over the course of the city's existence.  One building was called the "Yellow Jacket Inn".  My great grandparents purchased the lot for $8000 and began building the Yellow Jacket.  It eventually was sold to my grandparents who ran and owned the business. From what I understand, the Yellow Jacket was a place where school students could come get lunch or food after school.  It was located across from the elementary, middle and high school in Muleshoe, TX.  The information I was given states that the Yellow Jacket Inn was in our family from 1946-1964.  It has now been donated to the Muleshoe Heritage Foundation and is currently being refurbished to replicate what it looked like years ago.

A visit to Aunt Carrie's house!

We took a trip to Lubbock, TX to see our cousins, Uncle Steve and Aunt Carrie and meet our newest cousin, Baby Cayson.  The kids had a lot of fun playing together!

Payton and Easton

Meet Cayson!  Check out the onesie I got him! 
 Camden (12), Payton (6), Maylee Grace (4), Easton (3), Molly (2), Cayson (8wks)
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Happy Independence Day!

Our 4th of July is always full of fun around our house!  We started out representing Paragon Church in the parade by passing out flags and candy.  Then, we ended the day with a BANG with a fireworks watching party in our backyard.  It's always a fun day!


L to R:  Kate, Lizzie, Jonathan, Payton, Hunter, Maylee Grace 

Summer Fun!

We have had hours and hours of fun outside in the pool this summer!
Memaw Sellers has treated the Sellers 5 to several movies this summer.  This was thumbs up for Despicable Me 2!

I captured this moment between Daddy and his princess.  One brother was still asleep and brother was with Mimi and Papa, so she was soaking up her one on one time with her Daddy during breakfast.

Monday, July 1, 2013

Punk the Pastor

Our church has been raising money to help kids pay for church camp this summer.  We've had "Punk the Pastor" jars out each week for the last month.  People could give towards what they wanted to see the pastor have to do.  The 3 choices were:  be duct taped to a wall, preach in a Cowboys jersey or do a 90s rap.  Somehow, the duct tape and Cowboys jersey tied and he had to do both yesterday at church.  I was forbidden to post picture of him in the Cowboys jersey. 

Maylee Grace trying to figure out why Daddy is up there

No rhyme or reason....

Just some cute photos....


The littles have also been taking a basketball class through the city together.  They had lots of fun learning how to dribble, shoot and the triple threat.  On the last day, the coach deemed Maylee Grace most improved.  She got much better over the few weeks.  When she first started she couldn't keep the ball from hitting her feet.  By the end, she could dribble half the court and shoot.

Baking Cookies

We had the urge to make some cookies one morning.  Maylee Grace loves to help in the kitchen.  She quickly ran and got her apron and stool and started helping.  Don't let the picture of Matt and MG fool you.  He just happen to come home for lunch that day.  He grabbed his new Super Man apron he got for Father's Day and acted like he was helping.  :) 

Dance, Dance, Dance!

The littles have been enrolled in a dance classes this summer.  I have had so much fun watching them enjoy their classes.  I tried to capture a few fun times.  It is difficult because I watch the class from behind a window.  Payton is taking Comic Book Hip Hop where each week they dress up as a different Super Hero.  At the same time, Maylee Grace is taking a Fairy Tale Ballet class where they dress up like a different princess each week.  They grin ear to ear the whole time they're in class and they are so animated.  I love it!