Wednesday, September 21, 2011


Payton and Maylee Grace have been taking a gymnastics class through the City of Rio Rancho. They are in class together which has been the cutest thing to watch. They stay right beside each other the entire time. I love that they love each other so much. They are such great friends. Payton has been most excited about the actual gym activites. Maylee Grace has been most excited about wearing a gymnastics outfit each week.

This is her "butterfly". Every week she shouts out for everyone to hear, "I'm a pink butterfly!" I love that little girl.

Kick-off Sunday at Paragon Church

We had Fall Kick-off Sunday at Paragon. Everyone wore their favorite team attire. Of course, our family donned the Green and Gold! Sunday included tail gating goodies, astroturf and a goal post!! We had lots of fun!

Birthday Bash Weekend

We went to Amarillo this past weekend to celebrate Papa's 60th birthday and Easton's (nephew/cousin) 2nd birthday.

the birthday boy... Easton

All the cousins: Molly (3 mos), Easton (2), Maylee Grace (3), Payton (almost 5), Camden (10)