Sunday, September 19, 2010

Santa Rosa State Park Lake

We had a great Saturday at the lake in Santa Rosa. We met Mimi and Papa there and ate lunch and played at the lake. The kids truly had a great time. What a fun day of memories we created! Nothing could have made it better....well, maybe if we could have stayed longer. :)
Amazing family day... God is good!

NM State Fair

Matt has been working with the Baptist Convention of NM at the fair. He's been up there a lot of the last 2 weeks. We decided to go visit him one day and enjoy all the fair fun. The fair has a "McDonald's Farm" where kids can learn where the things they see in the grocery store come from and how they get there. They collected vegetables, milk, eggs, etc. They kids also loved the petting zoo. Payton talked about all day how that all he wanted to do was pet a sheep. We got to pet sheep, goats, a mini horse and cow! The kids had a great time.

Showing off their baskets of food they collected going through the farm

"So this is where milk comes from?"

Monday, September 13, 2010

Fall Kick-off Sunday at Paragon Church

Paragon Church had a "Fall Kick-Off Sunday" at church. Everyone was encouraged to sport their favorite team's gear. Our family donned the green and gold!

This was the best at all of my attempts to get a picture of the three kids. The donuts were a slight destraction. :) This is Maylee Grace's "happy face".

Glow Bowl

Usually for family day, we come up with something fun to do that doesn't cost anything. This day we decided to splurge and take the kids bowling. It was such a fun day. The kids had a blast! What a blessing it is to spend uninterrupted time as a family.