Thursday, July 28, 2011

Aquarium and Butterfly Pavillion

We went to the Aquarium and Butterfly Pavillion with Aunt Rachel and our friends Stephanie and Nira from church. Nira and Maylee Grace have become quite good friends at church. They are surrounded by mostly boys their age in the nursery, so they stick together! They are so fun to watch.

Petting the sting rays and baby sharks

This is exactly what they do every Sunday at church. They walk around holding hands all the way out to the parking lot. It's so cute.

Maylee Grace and Nira's funny faces

Sweet, sweet girls

Aunt Rachel and Maylee Grace

Trip to Texas!

We went to Amarillo to meet our new niece/cousin, Molly Rae. She's a cutie!

Camden (10), Payton (4), Maylee Grace (2), Easton (1), Molly Rae (1 month)

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Worship4Life Camp

Last year, Matt was asked to be the camp speaker for the Worship4Life Camp for High School leadership students this summer. He agreed to do it long before we found out he had cancer. For a while, we weren't sure if he would have the energy and even ability to speak at the camp. God is good and in His perfect time, Matt was feeling the best he had felt in weeks the week we were to go to camp. Our whole family was invited to come along with Matt. It was a great restful week. The weather was beautiful and cool. We had a cabin all to ourselves. We just enjoyed each other and God's beautiful creation. While we were there, Camden participated in the Children's Missions Camp that was going on at the same time. He stayed busy and exhausted the whole week. One night it rained and we were prepared with rain boots and umbrellas. The two younger kids had a blast playing in the rain.

This deer was right behind our cabin.

4th of July

We had a wonderful 4th of July as we do every year. It began being in the Rio Rancho parade with Paragon Church and ended with our annual backyard party to watch the fireworks. We had 80+ spectators join us in our backyard!Matt's goal was to be able to consume a hot dog by the 4th of July. He couldn't eat the bun and had to practically mince it....but HE ATE A HOT DOG! :)

Friday, July 1, 2011

Space Camp

Camden had an amazing opportunity to take two classes at the Unser Racing Museum/ NM Challenger Museum (on the same property) here in town. This week he completed "Race In Space" where he learned about the similarities between race cars, airplanes and spaceships and "Robotics" where he learned about and constructed robots. He came home everyday so excited about what he had learned and got to make that day. What a great week for him!

Camden and his good friend, John Michael. They were partners for the week. They constructed two different robots.

This was another robot they made. It had to travel safely to the end of the line and then drop an astronaunt into the "space station". They did it! It was pretty impressive.

This is John Michael's little brother, Ben. He and Payton are buddies. I had to throw this one in. :)