Monday, November 3, 2014

Lots of Dress Up Fun!

We had several activities over the Halloween weekend.  While we certainly don't celebrate the dead, we are all about having fun with our kids and allowing them to dress up and gets lots of candy.  And boy did we get A LOT of candy!  

We spent Thursday with some friends at the Trunk or Treat at their church.
 Parade of costumes

Friday the kids wore their costumes all day.  We hit up Sonic for 50 cent corn dogs. Then, we went over to Krispy Kreme to land a free doughnut for anyone dressed in a costume.

Then, later in the evening we went over to have soup on the curb with our friends Chris and Katie.  We trick or treated in their neighborhood after eating.
 The night before, Katie was a referee.  Trying to coordinate our costumes, I dressed up as a soccer player.  Well, she failed to inform me she was just going to go as "CRAZY" this night. 
Last stop of the night was to meet up with Abigail, so Camden and Abigail could get their annual picture together. I believe we now have pictures for the last 10 years in their costumes!
 Would you believe there is only 11 months between these two?

 Regan and Endale  
Would you believe there is only 5 months in age between these two?
 Mallory, Payton, Maylee Grace, Endale, Abigail