Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Jesus, the celebrity

I live in a house where Jesus is a celebrity. To my kids He is just as cool as Elmo, Mickey Mouse or Tony Hawk. If only we all thought of Jesus this way and put Him on a pedestal, high and lifted up.

We were reminded of His star status just the other day. Since Matt and I were married, we put a crown on top of our Christmas tree instead of an angel or star. We've taught Camden and now, Payton that it is a reminder that "Jesus is our King".

The other day Matt was outside in front of the house talking to some people. Payton went out to see the people who were total strangers to him. He walked right up and pointed at the garden flag with the nativity scene on it and proceeded to tell them in his 2 year old dialogue that "Jesus is our King". My 2 year old a shining example of God's love for us and His perfect gift we celebrate this Christmas season.

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