Thursday, October 29, 2009

Pumpking Carving

Tonight we carved our pumpkin. We thought we'd let the kids get messy and feel the goo inside the pumpkin. Maylee Grace loved it. She had it all over her and I'm pretty sure she actually ate part of it. As predicted, Payton would hardly look at the "gooey, yucky stuff". He was looking over at Maylee Grace bathing in her pile and started gagging and preceded to throw-up. Yep, our rough and tumble 3 year old couldn't handle seeing the Princess playing with the "gooey, yucky stuff". Camden wasn't too keen on the idea either, but decided that his little sister was showing him up. He donned a brave face and touched the goo. :) Never a dull moment at the Sellers' house.....

The Pumpkin Gospel
by: Mary Manz Simon
My big round pumpkin shows me God gives us a clean heart.
He will forgive our mess-ups and He offers a new start.
The slime that fills the pumpkin, all stringy, slippery goo,
Reminds me of my insides before God makes me new.
I scoop the mushy gushies like God cleans out my sin.
When he says "I forgive you," I smile a great big grin.
Come look into my pumpkin; he is all clean inside.
And outside he is wearing a smile that's big and wide.
God's love is like a candle that shines from inside out.
It's beaming deep within me, and so I now can shout.
To glow like my big pumpkin and have a nice clean heart,
Ask God to please forgive you. You'll have a brand new start.

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LeFevre Family said...

Absolutely LOVE this poem. The LeFevre family will be borrowing it this evening as we carve 4 pumpkins for Harvest Festival. It sounds like Payton did some claeaning out of his insides, as well.