Sunday, October 10, 2010

Pumpkin Patch

On Payton's birthday, we went to the Pumpkin Patch in Moriarty with Papa and Mimi. It was a really fun day with lots of things to do and see. I asked the kids on the way home what their favorite thing was at the pumpkin patch.
Camden: pedal carts
Payton: riding the tractor to the pumpkin patch
Maylee Grace: the slide and bouncy pillow

Mimi and Maylee Grace

The kids are sifting through the dirt to find gemstones.

The kids loved feeding the goats. This funny guy climbed right up on the fence to get a snack.
Maylee Grace having a stare down with a chicken

Bunny Town

Don't let this picture fool soon as they started the tractor motor, Maylee Grace started crying and wanted to be removed from the cow train immediately.

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