Friday, July 1, 2011

Space Camp

Camden had an amazing opportunity to take two classes at the Unser Racing Museum/ NM Challenger Museum (on the same property) here in town. This week he completed "Race In Space" where he learned about the similarities between race cars, airplanes and spaceships and "Robotics" where he learned about and constructed robots. He came home everyday so excited about what he had learned and got to make that day. What a great week for him!

Camden and his good friend, John Michael. They were partners for the week. They constructed two different robots.

This was another robot they made. It had to travel safely to the end of the line and then drop an astronaunt into the "space station". They did it! It was pretty impressive.

This is John Michael's little brother, Ben. He and Payton are buddies. I had to throw this one in. :)

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