Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Love Because He Loves, Give Because He Gave

Perhaps the most special time of Christmas Day for me was thumbing through the World Vision Catalog with the kids.  The kids had torn through all their gifts and emptied out treasures from their stockings, but now it was time to remember families who are much less fortunate.

During this Christmas season, we've reminded our kids about what Christmas is all about...the gift of Jesus, God's only Son to us.  So many Christmas traditions are laced with the true meaning of Christmas:  the Christmas tree, angels, the star, even St. Nicholas.  We encouraged the kids as they started "getting" that they might think of a way they could "give" as well just like God gave Jesus to us.  We spread ourselves out on the floor with each child's money in hand....and they gave.  My three generous kiddos picked a goat (milk) and 2 chickens (eggs) to buy from the catalog for a family in need.  They were so excited that they could afford such a blessing for a family far away.
I can love because God loves me.
I can give because God gave.
Jesus' love is why I'm smiling,
Why I'm giving everyday.

Lyrics from a Veggietales song sum it up
We hand delivered our order for a goat and 2 chickens to the postman today!

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