Saturday, July 13, 2013

On the way......

On the way to visit Aunt Carrie, we drove through Muleshoe, TX.  This is where my Dad grew up.  We stopped at the cemetery on the way into town, so that I could visit my grandmother's ("Ma") grave.  I also wanted to show Payton how many people in our family also had his name "Clay" father, grandfather and great grandfather.
My grandparents:  Spencer Clay Beavers and Phyllis Beavers

 Then, we went into town and visited the Heritage Center that had several buildings that were important to the community over the course of the city's existence.  One building was called the "Yellow Jacket Inn".  My great grandparents purchased the lot for $8000 and began building the Yellow Jacket.  It eventually was sold to my grandparents who ran and owned the business. From what I understand, the Yellow Jacket was a place where school students could come get lunch or food after school.  It was located across from the elementary, middle and high school in Muleshoe, TX.  The information I was given states that the Yellow Jacket Inn was in our family from 1946-1964.  It has now been donated to the Muleshoe Heritage Foundation and is currently being refurbished to replicate what it looked like years ago.

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