Monday, June 23, 2014

Ethiopia Part 2

 There are so many things that I wanted to document about our trip to Ethiopia.  This country was full of rich culture.  The night of our court day, we celebrated at a traditional Ethiopian restaurant.  Ethiopia is also known for coffee.  The Ethiopian people host coffee ceremony for a way to spend time and show appreciation for friends, family and neighbors.

The coffee ceremony for Camden and I before we left Ethiopia.
Our gracious hosts and new friends at the guest house.
We visited a scarf factory where women who used to have to carry wood up a mountain to make money for their families, now make scarves to provide income.  The scarves were beautiful.  Each scarf had a name on it and the person that made the scarf got the money for his/her family.

Outside of the factory were the kids of the workers.  Camden loved playing with them.

We also visited a place called Embracing Hope Ethiopia.  It was a beautiful organization that helped give mothers a place to work as well as an education and routine care for their children.  I could have stayed there all day watching the children.  I wanted to bring them all home with me.  The ladies made baskets, necklaces and they also sold coffee.

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