Saturday, January 3, 2015

New Year's Celebration

Mimi and Papa joined up for New Year's Eve and Day.  

Matt and I escaped for a few hours and got to go on a date to the Lobos Basketball game.
18+ years of dates with this handsome fellow.
 We did our usual (early) countdown with the kids and had our chocolate milk toast!  After we tucked the kids in bed after 10pm, we old folks tried our hardest to stay awake to see midnight.  We played a few mean games of Dutch Blitz.  The women totally dominated.


 Life of the party
 We woke up to a little bit of snow on New Year's Day.  Payton was trying out his RC car in the snow.  The bikes and scooters in the snow followed...because boys will be boys.
 Mimi and Papa treated the family to a fun night at Itz.  The kids had lots of fun riding rides and playing games.
 EZ was super serious about his horseback riding.

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