Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Colorado or BUST.

We took some much needed time away from life, church and busyness to enjoy some family time in Colorado.  We stayed at a beautiful camp just north of Colorado Springs called Ponderosa Retreat Center.  We were provided a cabin free of charge for our family to relax.

While in Colorado we did several fun things.  

USA Olympic Training Center
 Dream big buddy!

 Peering in at the Olympic Training pool.  
We ran into the Notre Dame swimming team getting ready to practice.  
I tried to get Payton to take a picture with them, but he was too embarrassed,
This picture is solely for use of any news stations telling Payton's story when he becomes an Olympic swimmer some day. 

Garden of the Gods

 Thank you to the nice lady for allowing me to be in a couple of pictures. 

 We saw a Western Scrub Jay Bird.  It was a beautiful, blue bird.  (Don't let me fool you with my bird knowledge.  I read it on a park sign and then found the name again on the GOG website.)  We tore up some bread and it would fly down out of the tree and pick it up and fly back up to eat it.
 Enjoying a picnic lunch

Peterson Air Force Museum

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