Saturday, January 2, 2010

The Wedding

What a privilege to be able to share in this wedding of dear family friends. We've known Tori and her family for 8 years now and love them dearly. Matt and Payton were both blessed to be a part of the ceremony.

Payton's beloved Annie (Tori's sister). Payton truly believes that this is the same Annie from the Disney channel's Little Einsteins.

Two of my handsome men

Don't let these adorable faces fool you....

Tori and Jesse and flower girl Maggie

He was a champ! Mommy had reminded him to show the ring to everyone, because he kept holding the pillow up close to he did....stopping every few rows to make sure the people on the ends got a good look at the ring on the pillow. It was cute! He did great and got a Hot Wheel out of the deal too!

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