Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Taylor Mason

This year at the statewide Evangelism Conference, they put on a kid's night. It was designed especially for grade school kids. Camden brought his buddy Bryson. The kids hip-hop group PureNRG performed. Taylor Mason who is a well-known comedian was also part of the entertainment. Taylor Mason is one of Camden's favorite comedians. Thanks to Matt, I'm pretty sure "clown" genes run in the family. :) Camden was thrilled when we got to meet up and talk with Taylor. He even let Bryson and Camden check out his puppets.
What a blessing that there are good people out there that truly want to be good role models for our children! I'm always excited when Camden gets to here about God's love from other adults.

L to R: Poco the pig, Camden, Romeo, Taylor Mason, Bryson

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