Friday, February 18, 2011

PET scan results

Today, we visited Matt's doctor. The doctor checked the healing of the areas where he had biopsied last week. He also had received the results from the PET scan. The scan showed a spot under Matt's jaw line. The highlighted area seems to be in a muscle right behind a salivary gland. The doctor is very optimistic that it is just irritation and swelling from the biopsy from last week; however, he doesn't want to guess. He has ordered a head/neck CT scan for Matt next week. As long as the CT scan comes back clean, surgery will remain on March 8th. The doctor said he would remove up to 1/2 of what's left of Matt's tongue (about 1/4 was taken out 5 years ago). He did say that because of the tongue being a muscle that it most likely will regenerate a little bit. The tongue muscle also heals quickly. IF, for some reason, something else shows on the CT scan, surgery would be rescheduled due to a more complex procedure where he would do a selective neck dissection to remove lymph nodes on that side of Matt's neck.
We are praising the Lord that the cancer doesn't seem to be anywhere else in his body. This is an aggressive form of quick moving cancer cells, so we were relieved to see that his organs are all healthy. We are so overwhelmed at the number of people, literally all over the world, praying for us. Thank you so much for your compassion for us. What a special blessing to our family. Matt is in great spirits, as he usually is. He is just ready to get this party started AND finished. :)

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