Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Today we celebrate!

I don't even know where to begin to reflect on this journey. While the physical part of this trial is over, the next few months will be filled with recovery, healing, doctor's appointments and routine PET scans to ensure all the cancer cells are indeed out of Matt's body.

Let me first acknowledge that I am married to a man of incredible strength. He is truly amazing. Everyone that saw him during the last few months could see the physical toll this was taking on his body, but there was so much that everyone didn't see. He was fighting a major battle physically, emotionally and spiritually. I am so proud of him for not stopping treatment when he wanted to. He still has a long road to get "back to normal", but at least he's on THAT road now. One of his biggest concerns when things started getting rough was how hard it was for me and the kids. That is who he is and I love that about him.

God has been working on me through this journey. I had to let go of things or expections that I held so tightly to. There were times that I thought I might not make to this day. I specifically recall a night that Matt had gone to bed really early (which had been routine due to his fatigue). The house was quiet and dark. I sat down on the floor and vocally cried out to God. I was done. This was too hard. We were surrounded by people who loved and supported us, but yet I felt completely alone. It was like He said to me...I am the One you need.

I am so elated to celebrate today. The kids are excited too. We've been counting down the treatment days on our paper chain. We had planned today to take all 3 kids and Mrs. Juanita with us to the very last treatment. Then, we were going to a donut shop around the corner to celebrate! That is just what we did. While Matt was unable to enjoy a donut, he was excited to be done and share in the celebration with the kids.

From here, it's just going to get better.

Last day of treatment 212 lbs

First day of treatment 257 lbs

Waiting for Daddy to finish his last treatment

Poor Daddy couldn't eat a donut today, but we hope to visit this same donut shop at his 1 month appointment and he can down a French Crueller. :)

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