Wednesday, June 15, 2011

An Unexpected Blessing

Before Matt started his treatments, Juanita Peralta from our church, approached me. She said to me that she wanted me to be able to go every day and be beside my husband during his treatments and doctor's appointments. While she would probably graciously bow out of any public thanksgiving, I wanted to share with everyone I know the blessing she was to me personally during this journey. One of my first concerns when we found out about Matt's cancer and then, the treatment he was going to require, was how am I going to be able to be there for him and take care of the kids? I cried out to God knowing that I could not do this alone. Juanita had no idea about that plea to God from me. She just stepped up and knew that she was able. This beautiful woman came to my house almost every treatment day (37 treatments) and I think she still loves us. :) She was here before my kids even got up most days. She got Camden ready for school. She fed everyone breakfast. She saw our family up close and personal...the good, the bad, the ugly. She saw my messy house. She saw my crazy kids. She even saw some of my melt downs. Most of all, she allowed me to let go of the huge responsibilities I have at home, so that I could fully support and physically be there for my husband every day. Not to mention, my children have totally fallen in love with "Mrs. Nita". Thank you with all my heart Juanita.

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