Sunday, March 13, 2011

No church for us today

This is the first Sunday in a VERY long time that we weren't in church. Matt is having a rough day today. He was feeling a little perky yesterday afternoon, but this morning he felt pretty miserable. We met the doctor at his office this morning to remove his drain. He removed the drain and said things look well. The doctor said day 2-3 is the worst and that he normally keeps patients in the hospital for 3-4 days after this surgery. He just knew Matt would rest better at home.

We will go back to the doctor on Friday for the post-op visit. He should have the results from the labs on the lymph nodes and salivary gland they took from Matt's neck. If those results come back as cancerous, they would just use stronger localized radiation to kill those cells.

It is so sad to not see Matt smiling. He's always smiling and laughing at something. I told him that this morning and he tried to crack a half crooked smile at me. I love him.

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