Thursday, March 10, 2011

Simon Peter's Surf Club

I was getting Payton dressed yesterday in his "Simon Peter's Surf Club" shirt. He always asks what his shirt says. I told him and asked him if he knew who Peter was. He said he wasn't sure so I began telling him the story. As I got to the part where Peter gets out of the boat, he says, "Oh, I remember. Peter stopped looking for Jesus and he sunk in the water."

I have to admit as my sweet 4 year old said that, I got goose bumps. He had just given me a revelation for the day. In all of the uncertainty of life, the moment we take our eyes off of Jesus, we sink. We go under. We can't take a breath. We can't see the light of day anymore. I admit I have those moments everyday. My thoughts get away from me. My fear overcomes me. My anxiety consumes me. Then, I have to look up and put my eyes on Jesus again. He is still there and ready for me to hand the burdens and the weight of what I'm carrying back over to Him. Sometimes it's foggy and it's so hard to see Jesus, but He's there. Don't stop looking for Jesus.

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April said...

I was wide awake between 1 and 4, was and will keep on praying for Matt, Christy and the childern. Keep your eyes upon Jesus...God will be glorified! Hugs, April